The design of the frame was developed in cooperation between industrial designers and composite experienced engineers. This team formed a perfect combination of a bicycle frame ideal designed for the material carbon fibers, the manufacturing technique, and an appealing design.
Using the braiding technique, a carbon braided sleeve is manufactured on a near net shape contoured core. Compared to tubes manufactured out of two half shells with no continuous fibers around the contour (used for almost all CFRP bike frames today), the braided tube ensures higher stiffness and strength while using less material. Furthermore the fiber layup is fully automated resulting in higher precision, lower costs, better reproducibility and limiting potential sources of errors. This ensures its superb quality of every frame.      
Quality of the BRAID frame:
The frame is 100% made in Germany. Research, development, construction and production are all combined in Munich. All manufacturing steps and changes of the product undergo a strict quality management resulting in a continuous improvement of the products and manufacturing processes.  BRAID can guarantee the same high quality for every single frame.